Mother’s Day – A Long Cuban Tradition

Mother’s Day is coming and many people around the world look forward to this day. This tradition is vibrant in Cuba and has a rich history. According to, the first town in Cuba to celebrate this day was Santiago de las Vegas in 1920. It was celebrated on May the 10th, which was the second Sunday in May. That tradition, like it’s American cousin continues today with it being celebrated the second Sunday in May.

In Cuba, the holiday became so popular throughout the island that Santiago de las Vegas Teaching and Recreation Center created a beautiful monument located in Marti Park. Throughout the years this important holiday was celebrated with cards and flowers until the 1960s. It was then the tradition of bringing a cake was added. You simply could not show up to visit your Mom without the cake.

As years have gone by, the tradition has been extended to include aunts, cousins, teachers, friends and neighbors. Moms who have passed on receive flowers at their gravesite. For all the mothers, however, the beauty of something created by hand, like a card, coming from their little ones melts their hearts and are cherished lifelong.

Take Mom Out

In honor of Mother’s Day, we invite you to dine with us for lunch or dinner. Let Mom know how much you appreciate her. If you have little ones, let them bring their handmade gifts and cards with them to give to Mom right then. She will appreciate it. If you celebrate the way Cubans do, you might feel a little uncomfortable showing up to lunch or dinner and not having a cake. No problem! We’ve got you covered with our Tres Leches Cake. Trust me, mom will thank you for it.

From all of us at The Cuban, to Mothers everywhere: Happy Mother’s Day!