Thanksgiving Eve Preparations

Thanksgiving eve shot girlsWednesday is Thanksgiving Eve! Yes, it’s here already. Lots of you are getting ready for Thanksgiving by cleaning up your house and ordering that special decoration for the house. If you’re in a big family, you might be the lucky one to go visit someone else’s house for Thanksgiving and avoid all the preparations. If you’re lucky enough to be hosting Thanksgiving, you’re probably running around to stores getting supplies. After all the prep cooking and cleaning you need a break. We’re getting ready to get you one!

A Party The Cuban Style

We’re bringing you Thanksgiving Eve Cuban style. No celebration would be one without a good mojito so we’re offering up $4.00 Pesos Mojitos! In addition shot girls are going around the club starting at 8 pm. And now the best part of all: We’re bring you a live Cuban band starting at 7:30 pm. Now that’s a party starter!

We know you’re getting ready for the big day, but now you’ve got incentive to start and finish your planning early. Get some rest, put on some nice clothes and join the party. Call your friends and family to join in. It’s our gift to you…From The Cuban!