vaca frita 2What is Vaca Frita?

Vaca Frita is a popular Cuban dish whose name literally translates as “fried cow”. It is a dish that is made from shredded skirt or flank steak and is usually topped or sautéed with onions to give it a delicious flavor. Another dish, Ropa Vieja is it’s older cousin.


Ropa Vieja arrived in Cuba with immigrants from the Canary Islands. Over the years, Cubans made the dish their own, modifying the ingredients and cooking methods. Vaca Frita is the perfection of all those modifications. This dish is much beloved by Cubans and anyone who enjoys Cuban cuisine.

sunnyside up egg with vaca fritaHow We Do It

Our Vaca Frita al Mojo Agrio is made from twice cooked crispy skirt steak. We do this to make sure all the seasonings are embedded in the meat, not just the sauce. Of course the secret is in HOW we do this. That secret is what makes our dish unique. Our Vaca Frita has a heavenly blend of onions and Cuban oregano. There is just a hint of lime that brings out the flavor of the meat. A side of black beans, rice and an egg tops off this mouthwatering dish. Come enjoy one of our tastiest dishes on our menu TODAY!